Bajar el Sella en canoa

Cauce excelente, colorido, deporte y diversión... descúbrelo en este vídeo grabado con GoPro


planes y escapadas en Asturias

Tito Bustillo Art Center

This March 15th opened a new cultural facility in the Principality of Asturias, the Arts Centre Tito Bustillo Cave, located in Ribadesella, who aspires to be a landmark in the national level ...

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planes y escapadas en Asturias

Biosphere Reserves Club

Club was born on Biosphere Reserves, which aims to become a brand with differentiated promotion of tourism products and “sustainable” in Asturias. The presentation took place in the recent edition of International ...

escapadas asturias
 video planes y escapadas en Asturias

The cheese of Gamoneu

This gastronomy is located in the heart of the National Park of the Peaks of Europe. This cheese matures in natural caves so for this reason, it keeps the pastoral aroma of ...

escapadas asturias
 video planes y escapadas en Asturias

A basic map of Gijón

In any season of the year, Gijón always invite us to walk down by its streets and admire its beauty. The statue of Don Pelayo stands in the sport port in the ...

escapadas asturias
 video planes y escapadas en Asturias

Luarca, the purest essence of the sea

The fame of Luarca has spread widely along the whole country being today one of the most known villages of the region of Asturias. This fame probably is based on the fact ...

escapadas asturias
 video planes y escapadas en Asturias

The mountain range of Cuera

The sheepfolds or lowlands are really suitable for feeding the livestock. Here, remains of old mining explotations that were working until the 70’s of the last century are also evident. On its ...

escapadas asturias
planes y escapadas en Asturias

Senda costera Llanes

An hour and a half is hardly enough to complete this short route from the North to the South or vice versa to the village of Puertas de Vidiago.We leave the N-634 ...

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S-cape countryside travels

With 20 years of experience in organizing active and adventure ...

Casa de Aldea La Calma

If you are looking for a special place to stay ...

La Portiella del Llosu C.A.

Asturian traditional house restored following the original design of the ...

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