Bajar el Sella en canoa

Cauce excelente, colorido, deporte y diversión... descúbrelo en este vídeo grabado con GoPro


planes y escapadas en Asturias

Tito Bustillo Art Center

This March 15th opened a new cultural facility in the Principality of Asturias, the Arts Centre Tito Bustillo Cave, located in Ribadesella, who aspires to be a landmark in the national level ...

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planes y escapadas en Asturias

Biosphere Reserves Club

Club was born on Biosphere Reserves, which aims to become a brand with differentiated promotion of tourism products and “sustainable” in Asturias. The presentation took place in the recent edition of International ...

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planes y escapadas en Asturias

The forests of Asturias

Asturias also keeps forests of extraordinary beauty populated by lots of centenary trees, bears and capercaillies.Among all forests, we may highlight the beech woods, oak woods, birch woods, grove woods, riverside forests ...

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planes y escapadas en Asturias

Cliffs of Tereñes

We can find in Asturias many wonderful places to follow the Jurassic’s traces such as Playa la Griega in Colunga and in dozens of coastal sites of Villaviciosa and Ribadesella. Here in ...

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planes y escapadas en Asturias

Covadonga, the sanctuary of Asturias

Covadonga is an important place thanks to its history. Here, an important historical event took place many years ago. In this place began the Reconquest of the territory taken in favour of ...

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planes y escapadas en Asturias

The Cave of Tito Bustillo

Generation after generation in the surroundings of the river Sella, this civilization lasted during 25000 years. The new findings and the jewels of this paleolitic culture are all around. Only in ...

escapadas asturias
planes y escapadas en Asturias

The route of the Arcediano

It was an old route used by the Romans in order to impose their authority over the Cantabrian and Astures. As the time went by, this route favoured the conquest on the ...

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La Casona de Cardes Countryside Hotel

The Cardes house (La Casona de Cardes) of you Comb ...

Restaurant El Rompeolas

It’s located in the center of Ribadesella. Our specialities are ...

Apartaments Urb. La Atalaya

This is a development situated 200 m. from the dockbay ...

El Cueto Apartaments

Our five self-catering apartments are on the heart of the ...

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