Extreme sports in the rivers and mountains

Canyons and adrenaline

Extreme sports in the rivers and mountains

Canyons and adrenaline

Asturias is a perfect place to carry out more extreme types of sports. The best place for these sports is in the ravines. Difficult and testing at times, yet always thrilling and a great way to get adrenaline pumping. There are areas where we can ride the vertical ravines at full speed, however it is wise to organise travel agent first. Montañas del Norte comes highly recommended for their professional experience, as they specialise in this type of ravine excursion.

If you are daring enough to take part in this extreme sport, for your own safety and enjoyment you should seek expert advice to guide you. Or if it is not really your idea of fun, it is great to watch from a safe distance.

The channel of the torrents, exuberant vegetation, waterfalls and winding paths are some of the many possibilities for enjoying the visit, especially for adventure lovers. At least two or three hours are needed to descend the ravines, however this depends on the effort we put into it, and how passionate we feel about the trip.

The course of the waters can be enjoyed by walking, swimming or even using ropes to descend, an improvement on the techniques used during the 19th century, mainly in France. In 1888 Ëdouard A. Martel, founder of the French Speleology Association, carried out the first journey of the Bramabiau (Gard) grotto in 1985. This was considered to be the very first descension of a ravine.

The equipment used in extreme sports has improved greatly over time and today we have neoprene suits between 3 and 5 mm thick, (advised to be reinforced on the knees and elbows), erosion resistant rucksacks and life jackets for ravines of a high difficulty rating. The best shoes for these sports are those which are prepared for extreme cold weather conditions. The harnesses used for descending ravines are really resistant to wear and tear hammers, nails, rings etc useful tools for descending these canyons. In the 90^s floating ropes appeared on the market, that can not sink and are light to carry. The use of a safety helmet is compulsory.

The geological characteristics of these canyons do not allow us to skimp on tools. Most of the paths are attainable only if we are equipped with all the necessary tools. We must not put our lifes in danger in any way. The extreme sports agencies will tell us about the dangers and conditions of the land.

In Asturias these adventurous sports are mainly concentrated in the Eastern part of the region.

Here, we will show you the most important points to visit, but it is advisable first contact a professional. View here the offers available by the main agencies for enjoy.

Información de interés:

Canyon Trescares

on the road from Panes to Cangas de Onis, approximately 10 km. from the town of Trescares.

Canyon Vallegón

, accessed by road from Cangas de Onis through the gorge of the Beyos. We reach a crossroads that marks the Amieva direction. We expect 5-6 abseiling and many water crannies.

Canyon Viboli

accessed by road from Cangas de Onis, the Beyos gorge. A right hand a signal indicating Viboli (very narrow road) will be found.

Canyon Cobarcil

accessed by road from Cangas de Onis, at the end of the gorge Beyos, you get to a village (one single house on the left) puts Cobarcil.
Canyon short but intense, once inside there is no escape. In spring, autumn and winter is impractical, but it gets down smoothly in summer.
Several abseiling, the largest of 10-15 meters.


Barranco with a nice excursion approach, easy and comfortable descent back. Tributary of the river in nearby Trubia, Proaza, the river has carved Viescas one of the most beautiful gorges, narrow sections give way to wider areas of the canyon with waterfalls between blocks.

Dobra Canyon

located in Canyon National Park Picos de Europa, and you can no longer go down, problablemente the best of northern Spain, nothing to envy the Pyrenees or Guara.

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