Natural wonders in Asturias

Autumn sonata

The particular sounds made by deers are with no doubt, one of the most wonderful spectacles of the Asturian nature. This is a visual and sonorous ritual in which the Asturian fauna take part for the delight of those humans who like to see it.

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This wild spectacle is some kind of demonstration of strength and mating. A period that starts in mid-September and ends in November, a time in which the deers libido is awaken. This period of rut breaks the traditional silence of forests in the morning and at dawn with incessant bellows. During the Autumn the animal clamour goes in crescendo and reaches its highest point when all the males fight among themselves for the females favour. The males try to demonstrate with this, who is the one that deserves to create a new generation of deers. This is a perfect example of animal Darwinism.

During weeks males hardly eat, they are mainly concentrated on the sexual activity to the point that after this act, they can loose one fifth of their usual weight. The charges among antlers produce a singularly wild sound, similar to an explosion that resounds in the middle of this mountain range. The challenges take place constantly, tension is shown in any sound made, the call for the females can be deafening. After the combat, wolves, vultures and the rest of scavengers try to take benefit from the weakest, usually injured.

There are lots of enclaves to enjoy these sounds, at the end of this article we will name them. These sounds are wild but easy to follow in the incomparable landscape of mounts and forests in this Principado of Asturias, that in Autumn show multiple colors.

In the different accommodations of rural tourism that we recommend on the left side of this article, we will be offered practical advice to get to the ideal localizations where we can enjoy this particular wild spectacle. In some cases in addition, we will be informed and guided to these places in planed excursions.

Places to witness in Asturias:

· Aller township.

· Natural Park of Redes.

· Natural Park of Somiedo.

· Natural Park of Ponga.

· Piloña township.

· In Teverga.

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Información de interés:

Helpful tips: footwear should protect the ankles well. It is suitable provided with warm clothing and rain gear, preferably a rain jacket or coat.

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