River Dobra – Olla of San Vicente

A jacuzzi in river Dobra

Here, we have an easy and even route which is still as attractive as any other. It is in itself an excursion advisable for everybody even for older people because it only takes 45 minutes.

The only thing we have to do is follow the well signposted path. There are no forks in the road which could make us become lost. After having done it we are going to feel both relaxed and pleased and, in very few occasions the mountain allows us to enjoy a deep natural swimming pool.

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As you can see this visit is very worthwhile. You will not feel cheated as swimming here is always a nice experience and the beauty of this natural paradise is assured.

Surroundings of Olla San Vicente

The river Dobra is one of the most vertical in the Asturian orography. It originates close to León in the Peaks of Europe and ends its run when it finally reaches the waters of the river Sella. Despite the fact that its run is short, we can enjoy the nature as well as in other natural route. On its highest point the river is frecuented by extreme sports lovers, because of its narrow and craggy gorge. A few kilometres before reaching the town of Tornín, in Cangas de Onís, this river goes through heavenly places such as Amieva. In this last section, the river grows calm and we reach a plain territory by which we can follow our route on foot.

Baptized by the Celts as “Dubran” which means “water”, the river obtained its obvious name. In our excursion we can discover why this river is called “Dobra” because there are not many places where a river actually pays homage to the liquid of life as here. Before reaching the Olla of San Vicente we can discover more deep and clear pools that make the waters move quickly and with very much vitality. In this short walk we can find all the possibilities for human cleanliness: natural baths, waterfalls shaped as showers, jacuzzis and also natural swimming pools… In the surroundings the vegetation grows up nourished by the waters of the river Dobra. In this walk we can also find many native forests of Ash, maple, elm and willow trees… As we ascend, the chestnuts, oakwoods and beech woods appear before us.

We find water and flora in their pure and natural states surrounded by high mountains. River Dobra waters are crystallined because this place is exempt from pollution of any type and also because no human being has ever lived here. This is the main reason why we must pay all our respect. We must not change anything about this natural paradise or its cleanliness because after us there will be more visitors who want to find it as perfect as it really is. Our only trace must be left by our boots.

Once we are in Olla of San Vicente, the nature gives us the opportunity to freshen up in case we need to. This big lagoon can reach five metres of depth at its deepest point, we must take care at this level. Enjoy your bath.

Its crystallined waters are warm but never hot and between June and September is the best time to have a relaxing bath: this will be a uniquely genuine experience.

Coordenadas Latitud: 43.3189316 Longitud: -5.1268387

Información de interés:

Take the road from Cangas de Onís in towards Puerto del Pontón, and about six kilometers after passing a village called Tornín will see to the left of the road a restaurant sales. Leave your car right there. Very near the road begins.

The walk will last about 30 or 40 minutes , footwear must be comfortable but does not require high demands. The first part of the route, following the course of Dobra, runs through track then the path will become.

The road is perfectly path to Olla St. Vincent and there is no mention pending. Great looking the river and the surrounding nature, we find our way good examples of traditional architecture in the form of cabins , and any other older building as the stone bridge Roman or Old Bridge, about 200 meters from the start of the tour. Crossing the bridge begins another very attractive route, the path of the Archdeacon. From the Old Bridge we can entertain watching the course of the Dobra and beauty.

we will not turn aside here, we will continue where we left, following the river path parallel. We continue along the track until it flows into a small valley called The Pandiella , where there are cabins, meadow and small pomarada. A few meters (about 5 minutes) the road narrows to form a path close to the river and carved limestone. We arrived at the height of a nice waterfall . Shortly after we cross a tunnel alders and hazels and came to the Olla de San Vicente. On it we find an esplanade decorated with lime trees, an ideal place to eat a sandwich or start preparations for the swim.

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