The aquarium of Gijón

Like fish in water

If one wants to feel like a fish in the water the only thing to do is just to be carried by stream. The recent opening of the aquarium of Gijón offers us an aquatic circuit which is faithful to its publicity. No one will feel disappointed after visiting this museum of the sea grounds. After two hours of route, we will feel it as a whisper because all the time we had spent under the water, surrounded by vivid colours and the biodiversity of it, is always a nice time.

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At the aquarium of Gijón we can admire more than 4000 aquatic species, including both vertebrates and invertebrates belonging to 400 different species. Our route leads us to 60 aquariums of fresh and salt water, in which there are represented all the world seas. More than 2000 cubic meters of water show the water life of the asturian rivers, the Cantabrian Coast, the Caribbean Sea, the Oceans Pacific and Indic, the Red Sea, the African Indic Ocean, the South Atlantic Ocean and the Subtropical Atlantic Ocean.

Little by little we are adapting ourselves to this habitat. The main characteristic of the Aquarium of Gijón is its educational aim, so it is really advisable for children. At any moment we are invited to keep a direct touch with all the species. We get closer to fish as if we were one of them. Little sharks, tortoises, penguins, and eight sharks of 1,5 and 2 meters long have recently come from the coast of Florida. From the asturian coast we find lobsters, spider crabs, crabs, sea urchins, goose barnacles and red breams. From the Caribbean we can also admire other different species. The well-known clown fish (famous for the film Nemo) and other rare names such as the cat fish, the yellow goat fish, the rabbit fish or even the surgeon fish. In addition, we can also find the carpet shark of the Oriental Pacific, sea horses and jellyfish. In this marine museum there is also a colourful space for corals characterised by its chest fish, cow fish, angel fish and butterfly fish.

It is located in the walk by the Beach of Poniente, in the same urban centre of Gijón. This Aquarium was inaugurated June 10th in 2006, and up today its even increasing much more its popularity, so a visit would be always worthwhile. The first stage of this museum is completely dedicated to the Cantabrian river. We are also accompanied by the sound of sea in our route. Then we have access to the Cantabrian Coast where we find an aquarium from which we can see the movement of different fish.

Now we get to both areas of the Atlantic Ocean: the warm and the Caribbean. This is the dominium of the greatest swimmers. The warm ocean is illustrated by an enormous aquarium filled with 1,3 millions litres of water and with 6 meters of depth where we can admire all type of sharks, such as the Bull of the South Atlantic.

This trip finally leads us to the Cape of Hornos, the home for those peculiar penguins of Magallanes.

In this route we are also explained all the costumes and diets of all fish, for instance, the tropical fish which feed of prawns, mussels and vegetables.

At the end of this walk we can watch a short film as a resume of our visit including an advice for the environmental preservation. Once this showing is finished, we can admire behind the screen two young nursemaid sharks.

This museum counts with a centre for the Recuperation of Species which its main aim is to make of this centre a national referent, pioneer in the recuperation of the sea fauna. The public will not be allowed to enter this area but it can be seen from the terrace of the restaurant.

Coordenadas Latitud: 43.5422974 Longitud: -5.6767988

Información de interés:

Playa de Poniente
33212, Gijón

Contact telephone: 985 18 52 20

More information: Acuario de Gijón

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