Vega: the wilder beach

The beach of Vega, in Ribadesella, is a great wild place ideal for those nature lovers and those who really enjoy virgin beaches. Although it is often crowded in summer time it is rather difficult to fill it all. It is almost impossible o find a corner for your own in fact, one can feel like a shipwrecked in some of its isolated corners.

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We can see the rocks emerging from the sand when the tide is low. The foam of the sea is characteristic of the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay), with many rare minerals that are found in this area of long mining tradition. The spar-fluoride of its surroundings is unique in Europe not only for its composition but for its tonalities. Here, there are also unusual and opposite streams to this beach, that many days make the swim a bit difficult, others make it really enjoyable. Swimming in Vega means to have a swim in one of the most open places to sea of the asturian littoral. We can taste the sea salt as in any other place of this area. But if there is no possible swim, we can walk by its two kilometres of immensity and enjoy the sand and the landscape together.

Jurassic coast

If we walk towards the Western point we can see the end of it, discovering at the same time a very rough coast. In this point one of the two rough routes of Vega starts, the one which is darker and infertile. This rocky area of the Eastern side links with a more known morphology, with low cliffs and beaches of boulders.

In our return we can walk beside a clayey cliff, roasted as coffee, and whose origin is thought to have started in the Jurassic. It is known that millions of years ago in Vega there was a suffocating heat. In its beginnings, this area was an immense jungle full of marshes which formed part of an endless delta that even reached New Castile.

Everything was plain and the modern folds did not exist, dinosaurs walked over there leaving their lasting pawprints for a future interest. So in this beach, we can also find traces of the Jurassic and of a far-off time.

As a heritage of those marshes, the streams of water come and go by the beach even in low tide. If we raise our view while walking, we can compare this place with a dessert. It is like a desert but with a green horizon, with marine springs that resemble almost a mirage. But we can also find here spectacular dunes, with a protected and unique flora.

The Coast Demarcation has been the proper one, always respecting the ecological environment. We can walk by any coast path enjoying a rustic landscape while observing the dunes. There are a car park area and changing rooms that respect this environment. In the town of Vega we can also find hostels with good services.

Defile of Entrepeñas

The road we may follow to leave Vega has also its interest. It is the national road N-630. We can surround the Defile of Entrepeñas, with pointed rocks and rare profiles that have been declared Natural Monument. If we are interested in observing this place more quietly we have here a little recreational area.

In the cross with the national road, a kilometre further, we can see in front of us the Mine Ana still working. This is a clear prove of the activity related with the spa-fluoride that arouses a deep interest in some points of Europe. In fact, the Germans are coming to Vega since the beginnings of the 20th century. At first, these visitors were geologists in search of precious minerals. The spa-fluoride opened a commercial via with Germany from Ribadesella. Nowadays Germans still come to this area in their caravans, looking for nature and quietness. They are still interested in the minerals their grandparents and parents were interested too.

Guided excursions to Vega beach

The beach of Vega is one of the largest in Asturias and one of the few northern retaining an important dune system. Jurassic discover there remains rock debris presence of fluorite ore mined nearby, in one of the most important deposits of fluorite Asturias …

More information Guided excursions: Tierra Mágica.

Coordenadas Latitud: 43.4804535 Longitud: -5.1378036
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