The beaches of Caravia and Colunga

Jurassic beaches

The beaches of Caravia and Colunga

Jurassic beaches

These beaches cover more than 3 kilometres along the coasts of Caravia and Colunga. The total territory of these two councils spreads for more than 20 kilometres along the Asturian coast. We can enjoy here not only beautiful beaches but also the cliffs, rocky areas and fishing ports as the one of Lastres.

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This sea area is included in the route we call the Jurassic Coast of Asturias, which houses an immense geological and palaeontologist treasure. Here, we can find traces and fossils of that age and all these discoveries have been filled and catalogued during the last decade and today they are exhibited in the Jurassic Museum of Asturias. This big building is located over a hill from which we have wonderful sights of the Cantabrian Sea. Behind this museum stands the grand mountain range of Sueve. The Picu Pienzu, its highest peak, it is more than 1.000 metres high and also shows an amazing relief. In very few places exist such contrast between the sea level and the mountains; a perfect combination for enjoying the most wonderful views of this Asturian coast.

The beach landscape is not of less importance. The rocky areas, the mouth of rivers, the slopes of mountains, the meadows and the fact that all these beaches are totally opened to sea, mean that we are enjoying a very natural scene.

The Jurassic beaches, as we decided to call them, are probably the less crowded in this eastern area of Asturias. The neighbouring councils of Ribadesella, Villaviciosa or Llanes fill with their tourism these beaches during the summertime while Caravia and Colunga now remain as nostalgic and full of solitude. These places are quick sands so that, on low tides became huge spaces very difficult to fill in.

What is a real privilege is to be able to visit the four beaches of Caravia: La Espasa, Moracey, La Beciella and the Arenal of Morís. They all are coastal environments suitable for practising scuba diving, surf, fishing and of course swimming. In some seasons the weather is windy so we can fight kites, in fact, some concentrations have took place here joining lots of fans.

The beach of la Espasa limits Caravia by the West where the beaches of Colunga start to spread. About 13 kilometres of seaside resorts and its numerous villages put together the best part of this region. Colunga is a suitable place for enjoying nautical sports. The fishing and sporty port of Lastres offers the best chance for those surf or windsurf lovers and also in the proximities of Cape of Lastres, the submarine fishing is becoming more and more famous every year. All these beaches have fine sand. The beaches of La Espasa (on its western side), La Isla and La Griega are today the most visited.

The beach of La Isla receives its name from a wall of rock that joins the beach on low tide. This beach is bordered by a long walk surrounded by eucalyptuses which have made of this landscape a genuine and original paradise. This beach is shell shaped and spreads for more than 800 metres of longitude. Closely this point, a new urban centre has been growing in the last year but, it is the only one populated place in the middle of all these lonely beaches.

For instance, if we take La Isla as a starting point we can start a healthy route bordering the cliffs before getting the following beach: La Griega. Then we may follow a coastal path between 50 and 75 metres high that proves the true environmental value of this coast side. This path starts in a local place called «La Colonia» that will lead us towards the town of Huerres. From here, we should follow the short route(PR) well signed. Next to the church of this town, there is a new path that crosses the territories of Huerres and San Juan of Duz before reaching the beach of La Griega.

This beach has the shape of a delta and is 800 metres long. Apart from its great beauty, La Griega is an open air museum. In this beach one can find the traces of dinosaurs of 125 centimetres of longitude and they are also the biggest traces in the world up today. At the bottom of this beach there is a rocky area where the neighbours approach for sporty fishing.

Parallel to the beach of La Griega spreads the beach of Lastres too. Over this last beach is its village literally hanging above the sea. This quick sand has 300 metres of longitude and is known as the beach of Estilleru. Its proximity to the town of Lastres gives it a double attraction because one can have a relaxing bath and have a joyful walk at the same time, overall if we are going to visit the most beautiful places of Asturias. From the town of Lastres there are a lot of wonderful routes for enjoying these maritime sights.

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El Arenal de Morís has road access from the town of Prado -taking a deviation from the N-Number 632 which is about 2 kilometers. The road ends at the beach itself.

without straying Following the N-632 arrive in a few minutes to the beach La Espasa and The Island , access to them is clearly marked.

to get to the beach Greek we enter the Villa de Colunga and take the AS-257 direction Lastres. A mere 2 kilometers see the beach.

All the beaches of Caravia and Colunga have the demanded services in safety, rescue and cleaning. They have easy road access, nearby recreational areas and catering establishments and services in the nearby villages.

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