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The beaches of Verdicio, Aguilera and Carnicega

The green beaches of Gozón

The beaches of Verdicio, Aguilera and Carnicega

The green beaches of Gozón

The sea forms steep rocky cliffs on the central coast of this Principado of Asturias. In this area of low littoral, the rocks work as perpendicular limits to the sea and not as a firm barrier to the waves. These are beaches open to the Cantabrian Sea that are dangerous for swimming in many occasions. This fact is probably its major merit: the natural landscape it offers to us, to enjoy the sea on its wildest condition.

Photo by Arnaud Späni.

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In these days of unlimited urbanism, the council of Gozón has the advantage of enjoying a protected coast, green and natural, where three natural beaches spread along this green coast as if they were three pearls of a marine necklace.

The beaches of Verdicio, as they are known, are mainly green not only in their surroundings with its vivid meadows but for the tonality of its water, half green and half blue. Aguilera is a cove made of sand and rocks, isolated and where nudism is a practise. It has 400 meters in length and we can also observe here big rocks belonging to a landslide of the cliff. In front of this beach we can distinguish the Bermeo islet. A rocky spur on the western coast divides this cove into two. On low tide this beach links with its neighbour sandy area: the beach of Carniciega that has golden sand and not high waves. This last beach is also known as beach of Barquera probably because in the past, it was used as a port. This beach also counts with an access for cars. It also owns beautiful dunes in addition to original carved rocks. This cove has 350 meters in length and on low tide it also links with the third beach: the beach of Tenreru or Verdicio the most famous and crowded of these three.

This one covers 330 meters, but the whole area covers 90,000 square meters on low tide counting with daily vigilance during the summer and restaurants in its surroundings. This one also forms dunes as in La Carniciega. The quality of its water is excellent although swimming is still dangerous. On high tide waves break on the same shore. In good weather conditions sea forms left waves which are suitable for experienced surfers. For all this, this beach is probably one of the most known in this region.

All these beaches are placed on Cape Peñas, only 5 kilometres from Verdicio and San Martín of Podes. In addition, all they belong to the coast of the council of Gozón, that in 1995 was declared Protected Reserve.

There are only few places in the Iberian Peninsula where ground, sea and sky mix in perfect harmony. The natural environment of Cape Peñas spreads for more than 14 square kilometres and on its highest points it is full of wide meadows.

For all this, these three green beaches offer a wide variety of activities apart from all those related with the sea (scuba diving, surfing, swimming…), such as riding horses, bicycles or practising sporting fishing or paragliding. So enjoying the beaches of Verdicio also means to get in touch with the nature and its natural sports.


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Verdicio beaches have two vehicle accesses from the AS-328 between Cape Peñas and Avilés, both marked in the vicinity of the town of Verdicio. We find in the southwestern corner has a small parking area next to the sand and before the entrance to the urbanization "The Cuetos"; it is also possible to park the vehicle in the meadows of the cliff that closes the beach to the left, whose path can walk down to La Aguilera, otherwise only accessible from Verdicio beach at low tide mode. Entering on the opposite side, you get to a meadow just above the sand, where you can park. Aguilera has exclusively pedestrian access.

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