The forests of Asturias

Walking through the forests

Although any time is good for going for a walk by the nature, we recommend autumn for visiting the deep forests of Asturias. It is just in the second two weeks in October and in the first week in November when the asturian forests reach its best beauty. These forests keep their mythology alive in any of their corners. This is the perfect landscape to begin hundreds of routes.

More than a 30% of the territory of the region of Asturias is forest. A great number of them are native and the rest show a good conservation and gradual regeneration.

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Asturias also keeps forests of extraordinary beauty populated by lots of centenary trees, bears and capercaillies.

Among all forests, we may highlight the beech woods, oak woods, birch woods, grove woods, riverside forests and cork oak woods of this region.

We may not get disappointed if we find fog in the forests because it is usual or what is more, we may not get frightened if they look phantasmagorical because it is their true nature. Their charm lies on their own climatology and isolation. The best choice for walking through them is to take suitable and comfortable clothes and shoes, including always a raincoat. Inside the forest, it is possible to meet its ancient spirit, an animal traditionally represented with two horns over its head and whose legs resemble those of a goat. It is thought that it accompanies us on our walk and it is also thought that it is the protector of trees, animals and tourists. This spirit is called Busgosu. On our route we must respect this natural environment and leave it as it was before our visit. All the asturian forests are like museums but they do not have alarms or smoke detectors so we are absolutely responsible of their welfare.

This is a wonderful landscape to enjoy the purest nature but we can also relax observing the crowns of trees, lichens, fungus, traces of animals, little sounds… Many people end their routes fascinated by each single thing of these forests.

We recommend four of the most popular forests of Asturias to visit. In our website,, we will little by little be completing this section, adding more representative forests of our community.

At the moment, please enjoy the following:

Forest of Muniellos

The forest of Muniellos: it is the biggest forest territory of Asturias, housing the greatest oak wood of Spain with more than 5000 hectares. This is one of the best preserved Atlantic forests of all Europe. In the year 2000 it was awarded the title of Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO and today it is the most protected natural space of this Principado of Asturias.

Natural Park of Redes

The Natural Park of Redes : it was awarded the title of Natural Reserve as well as the title of Reserve of the Biosphere because of its greatest woods and its virgin nature. Its surface covers 376,2 Km2.

Mount of Peloño

The Mount of Peloño: with more than 200.000 beech trees, is in the council of Ponga. This forest dresses of deep green during spring time and during autumn and winter it is of dark yellow colour. It has 15 square kilometres protected (Partial Natural Reserve). This is a unique place in Spain.

Botanic Atlantic Graden of Gijón

The Botanic Atlantic Garden and the forest of the Tragamón : it is a dynamic space of 15 hectares. It also contains a green microcosm of plants, trees and vegetal species of both sides of the Atlantic. It includes the native forest of Carbayera of Tragamón.

We also recommend seeing one of the oldest trees of our geography: the tejo, a millenary tree.

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