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The village of Llanes

Lose yourself in the streets of Llanes

Lose yourself in the streets of Llanes

The village o Llanes is the capital of this town and it is also an urban example of a rural territory, in addition, Llanes is spreading along the Cantabrian sea. This sea surrounds every corner of this village, around old and modern buildings, walkways, and numerous coffe bars where one can taste a delicious coffe or soft drink.

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In the urban centre one can find the Sablón Beach, a little creek, clean and safe. On this little beach there is long road to walk whilst admiring the seaside views. Also important in this village, is the Paseo de San Pedro which is more than 1 kilometre long. It is quiet and along the way one can admire the splendor of this village between the sea and the mountain.

In the centre of this village one can find the old streets where commercial activity of the village is located. All the houses surrounding this commercial area are the same height and most of them have fronts covered with big stones.

Then one can admire the little river where one can take a boat or fish in the midle of the village. From here to the open sea there is a fun marine adventure if you should decide to hire a motorboat.

The road towards the dock has been recently restored with coloured cubes down the dock showing a modern and fashionable look. The coast appears to be an infinity of blue and green, and can be admired from the walk of San Pedro. From here one can have bigger view of the coloured cubes of Memory mentioned earlier. These cubes were one of the most remarkable works of the famous painter, Ibarrola. The purpose of these cubes was to give the dock a more colourful and three dimensional appearance.

Architecture in Llanes: medieval, baroque, latin american…

Along the old town centre is usual to find traces of the Medieval times. Fortified walls were built to make the town safe as a result of the Carta Puebla granted by Alfonso XII to this village in the first third of the 13th century. Most of the walls have been well restored and keep the old view after the passing of centuries.

The main wall has mixed with modern constructions different buildings and galleries. In the middle of the village one can visit an emblematic symbol of the past, the Tower, that doubles as the tourism office.

This village shows different views through the passing of centuries, from the old constructions to the present ones. One can find details of all periods of history. Some buildings belonging to the Renaissance are working today as fishing sites, for example, the Casa de la Ballena. Nowadays this place is the centre of «Aula del mar» (House of the Sea), a meeting point for he fishermen. Other constructions such as baroque palaces, a gothic basilica, several chapels and architectural buildings with latin American influence can be found in Llanes. This is the true sense of Llanes, showing dream gardens and galleries made of coloured crystals.

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