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The top ranking towns of Asturias

The top ranking towns of Asturias

Guided tour by Asturian towns

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Guided tour by Asturian towns

Coastal villages, high mountain villages, «exemplary» villages, a good number of Asturian populations are small nuclei of population with clear signs of identity, traditions attached to the land …

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This is a little tour of some of the most unique Asturian towns, with a special environment, popular traditions… we will add more, as there are countless Asturian villages that could have space on this list.

Ceceda, Nava

In Asturian «Cecea», it is a parish of the council of Nava, in the central zone of Asturias. Located in the County of Cider.

The village owns a chapel, the one of Santa Lucía (centuries XVII and XVIII). At the entrance to the village is a medieval bridge restored in 2011, after suffering a landslide. On the other hand, it must emphasize its picturesque character, with abundant constructions rehabilitated and ethnographic elements of interest as granaries, water fountains, etc.

Colombres, Ribadedeva

Villa and parish of the council of Ribadedeva, eastern end of the Principality of Asturias.
Its most notable tourist attractions are La Franca Beach, Cueva del Pindal, Lighthouse of San Emeterio, many of its buildings fruit of the emigrant past of the region and the Archive of Indians. The house in which the archive-museum is located, was built by Iñigo Noriega Laso, a person who emigrated to Mexico and came back as a wealthy man with the intention of building a stately home in honour of his fortunes. This building was build in 1906 and it is named Quinta Guadalupe in honour of the founder’s wife. This small palace is a clear example of Latin American architecture, but it had several uses before the current one.

Candás, Carreño

It is the most populated parish of the Asturian council of Carreño. It is located in one of the most northerly points of our country, 13 kilometers from the Cape Peñas.
One of the most significant elements of the town is its port, in the past one of the most important of the Bay of Biscay.

Bulnes, Cabrales

Mountain village in the municipality of Cabrales, heart of the Peaks of Europe.
Cheese remains the epicenter of activity. The Cabrales Cheese is one of the most representative food in the area, with centuries of tradition and a good number of national and international awards. The cattlemen continue to climb the sheepfolds in the summer and early dawn for the first milking of the animals.

More info about Bulnes

Port of Vega, Navia

Just behind the faces of the buildings live sociable and charming people. It is not a coincidence that many learned people had been born here, for this reason, there are many cultural centres. This citizenship was awarded the title “Example town of Asturias” which is given each year by the Prince Felipe and, Port of Vega received it in 1995. Three years later, in 1998, it was also chosen the most beautiful town in Asturias.

More info about Port of Vega

Tapia de Casariego

Port of sea that keeps the essence of tradition, in the Asturian western coast. Beaches of privileged waves being one of the meccas for the practice of surf in Spain.

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