Travelling with kids in Asturias

The 10 things to do with children

The 10 things to do with children

We propose here a number of routes and excursions, museums … outdoor/indoor ideas that can help you to plan and spend a holiday with kids in Asturias.
It is not always easy to know what to do when traveling with small children, here we give you a clues of places dotted by the Asturian geography that offer recreational activities for them.

Some museums have specific programs for children. Thus, the Botanical Garden, the Jurassic Museum or the Park of Prehistory, have workshops or activities for children at certain times.

· The Botanic Garden of Gijón

Visiting the Botanic Atlantic Garden of Gijón is always a unique experience, an excursion to an earthy paradise created by the hands of humans.

It is a living space, probably the most natural in this city that occupies 15 hectares of ground. It has been designed as a big exhibitor and it is in fact, a green microcosm in itself, in which we find more than 15000 plants and trees.
There is nothing similar in our Peninsula,
as regards its dimension and beauty. The whole visit around this exhibition site may take us four hours to complete it all.

Children can enjoy a wide range of workshops in all seasons

More info about The Botanic Garden of Gijón.

· The Jurassic Museum of Asturias

The Jurassic museum of Asturias (MUJA) is located in Rasa de San Telmo, in the municipality of Colunga, near the AS-257 road at Lastres.
Its original architecture in the shape of a dinosaur’s footprint make it an attractive place to visit. Along the high corridors, one can take a look at more than twenty replicas of what roamed Earth before humans did. The central scene shows a couple of Tyrannosaurus Rex copulating. They are over 12 metres high and if they were real their weight would go beyond more than 10 tons.
All over the year they organized workshops for children.

More info about Jurassic Museum of Asturias.

· The Prehistoric Park of Teverga

The Prehistoric Park in Teverga houses the most relevant collection of Cave Art in Europe and it has between 10.000 and 40.000 years of antiquity. When visiting it, we can enjoy a wiser view about the Palaeolithic. It is placed only at 40 kilometres from the city of Oviedo, in the locality of San Salvador of Alesga (Teverga).

The location of this park is in a valley of great ecological value and surrounded by a natural wonderful landscape far from human settlements. This museum is under the ground so, in this way we get closer to daily life of cave men. There are 25 virgin hectares down Peña Sobia, just in the middle of the Natural Park of the Ubiñas.

Variety of workshops for all public well suited for family holidays, weekends and holidays in low and middle season, and every day in high season.

More info about The Prehistoric Park of Teverga.

· The Aquarium of Gijón

At the aquarium of Gijón we can admire more than 4000 aquatic species, including bothvertebrates and invertebrates belonging to 400 different species. Our route leads us to 60 aquariums of fresh and salt water, in which there are represented all the world seas.

It is located in the walk by the Beach of Poniente, in the same urban centre of GijónThis Aquarium was inaugurated June 10th in 2006, and up today its even increasing much more its popularity, so a visit would be always worthwhile.

They organized educational workshops for all ages.

More info about The Aquarium of Gijón.

· The bear path

The best option to find brown bears in Asturias, is going through the most green walked path of Asturias.

The bear path, in the present day, it is the ideal route for walking lovers and cyclists. Its ethnographic and natural richness is characterised by old tunnels and bridges. It is an asphalted road, with a protective fence, fountains and signs which inform us about the local flora, fauna, monuments, alternative routes and useful advices. There are also numerous recreational areas to enjoy our meals.

But probably the most interesting attraction of this route is to have the chance of observing the two asturian bears: “Paca” and “Tola” which live on a fenced mount.

Tuñón – Proaza: 6 kms.
Proaza – Valdemurio: 8 kms.
Proza – Entrago: 14 kms.

If we do this route by bicycle we may take into account the existent unevenness between the starting point and the end (145m. and 450 m. respectively). It is a wonderful route for cyclists of all levels. The time spent on this route will be around three hours. Rental bikes more information Deporventura

More info about The bear path

· Geoface: guided tours for children

Asturias is the ideal destination for family holidays. Here children and adults can enjoy our land in a fun way, in contact with nature and surrounded by culture and science. Geoface offers you customized guided tours for children that include workshops, foreign language practices (English, French, Spanish), environmental and social awareness, knowledge of the environment or adventure (canyons, horses, surfing, etc.)
More info about Geoface: guided tours for children

· Asturias, Magic Land

The «Magic Land» routes combine trekking, environmental education, landscape interpretation, children’s workshops, affective education and education for coexistence. All of them are in places that have a special interest whether natural, cultural, historical, ecological, aesthetic … and are especially recommended for children and young people.
We want to raise awareness about the main environmental problems, such as fires, pollution of aquifers, uncontrolled landfills … and create an ecological awareness in the use and enjoyment of natural spaces, care of beaches, etc.

More info about Guided routes: Magic Land

· Rumbo a Picos, routes in nature

Rumbo Picos offers a program of activities designed to enjoy a holiday in contact with nature and live small adventures with family.
You can do these activities with children up to 7 years. Five-day program with various activities: canoeing down the Cares-Deva river, pastures of the Covadonga Lakes and visits to cider mills, initiation to canyoning …

More info about Rumbo a Picos

· Surf camps for children in Ribadesella

The Surf School of Ribadesella organizes in spring and summer different surf camps to enjoy the sea in the town of Ribadesella.

Surf Camps for children
We offer Surf Camps for children of some durations: 2, 5 and 7 days with accommodation in our Surf House. We combine surfing with lots of activities on the beach, paddle boards, skate classes, video corrections, barbecues … and much more.

More info about Ribadesella Surf School

· Children’s and family camps in Asturias

Aventura Norte proposes camps for children, youth and family. To spend the holidays with family and have fun a lot. Summer camps in Asturias for children aged between 9 and 15 years. A healthy, fun and educational leisure. A family camp, with activities in which adults and children will enjoy multi-adventure and animation activities together, yinkanas, themed workshops, evening evenings …

More info about Summer camps in Asturias

Información de interés:

Things to keep in mind:
Take with us water, snacks, travel games, jacket, socks, wipes, bandages, betadine ... everything you need so that an unforeseen does not spoil a special day. Do not forget the photo / video camera will help you remember the good things about the trip once we have returned home.

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